Thursday, 18 June 2015

You can now follow me on eBay omar27-2007 and Instagram da08ner

I have a mix lot of items on my eBay page, ranging from vintage cameras, barometers, bathroom taps, bike and parts. All items are vintage. I have a massive collection of bike parts which are not listed. So if there is a part you require,  
Please comment below and email me. My eBay ID is omar27-2007, so please follow. Items for sale gets updated every couple of weeks. 

Got to love these vintage bicycle lamps.

Came across these lamps, at a local carboot. It screems quality, they don't make them like these anymore. Perfect for that vintage bike project. You can follow me also on Instagram @da08ner

Morning all, a blast from the past.

Who remembers Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 
game. Brought this retro game 2 weeks back, damn it made me feel young again. 
I could believe that even the motion gloves workes. Another good purchase
at Cambridge carboot

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Vintage Raleigh All Steel bike

This was a local purchase. The previous owner had in my opinion made it look more better and sporty. He changed the handlebars, crank and upgraded the peddles to Phillips. It probably took me 7 months to sell it, the new owner said he would restore it all back. It's a shame because I would have not change a thing. What would you have  

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a tour round London

The Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger was enjoying the landmarks and scenery round London this morning. He was riding on a Boris bike and taking a selfie in front of landmarks. 
Good on him, it's good to see someone high profile on a bike.

Vintage BSA Granada bike

This only needed a light restoration. I've not seen these old seat before, maybe from the 80's. Will need get a vintage saddle to go with the bike. 3 speed sturmey archer shifter, toggle chain needed replacing.